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NewsPosted by Rolf Pilotti Friday, March 02 2007 19:14:18

Blog ImageCiao!

I came recently home from Bavaria Germany. I did a concert with two artists from Germany, C.B. Green and Bonita.We performed in C.B.s Kunstsheune in Neuburg an der donau. We had a really good time and the audience was fantastic.

I've been very creative the last year, writing new songs and working with different musical projects. You can hear me playing flutesolo on two songs on Therion's new album "Gothic Kabbalah.

I'm going to Hamburg 16 of march, making plans for my future in Germany. You can see me performing live in Stockholm 26 of April at Mosebacke,Cornelisrummet.

This is my first words on the blog. I will try to write as much as I can. See you soon! /roffe


Sorry I haven't write for a while! I couldn't make it to Hamburg cause I got the flu, so I had to cancel my flight. I'm preparing for my gig at Mosebacke, Sthlm right now and also busy working on some new arrangement with my group Vocation. We will have a concert the 10 of May in jazzclub Fashing, Sthlm.

If you are in Sthlm, Sweden the 26 of April you are welcome to listen to me playing unplugged at Kornelisrummet Mosebacke, Sthlm.

I will perform together with Jonas Ahman. We will sing and play our own songs. Hope to see you there!

Take care and be good to yourself!


Now I'm back after a long break. I've been quite busy, working hard, moved to a new flat. I really enjoy my new home!! I have no stories from Hamburg in March because my friend got sick so I canceled the trip. Sad but I will go there later!

In the end of the summer I did a celebration concert with Vocation and some other artists from Sweden to Povel Ramel during Stockholm Culture festival in front of The Royal Operahouse at Gustav Adolfs torg in the middle of Stockholm. Around 10000 people were there.

In the end of September I went back to Neuburg an der Donau(Bavaria) and visit my friend C.B. Green. I attend a concert in his Kunstsheune and he invited me two play to songs. I stayed 2 days in a Sportshotel. I also did 3 new songs in my friend Rudis studio. I met him last time I was in Neuburg, he was in the concert with me C.B. Green and Bonita. At that time I recorded 2 songs of his. I really like it very much in Bavaria!! The 30 of September I did two own songs and played flute in a concert in a Tanzhaus in Donauwöth. The audience were fantastic!!!! I sold many CD's and ofcourse signed them! I've wrote some new songs, I got the embryo to one song during my time in Bavaria and finished it back home.

I will tour a part of November with Vocation and Louise Hoffsten.

You can here me on Minds Eye's latest CD. I'm doing backingvocals on 4 tracks and playing sideflute on 1 track. As often I can I spending time in Daniel's(Minds Eye) studio.

Take care and I will soon be back!! You can find my songs on iTunes, the EP A taste of Paradise search for Wasai.


19/1 2008

Ciao all my dear friends!

My plans for the beginning of this year is a small tour to Bavaria in the end of March, finnish my first full lenght solo album and a new album with my vocalgroup Vocation!

I'm working hard as a vocalcoach and some music lessons on a school.

2008 is a really great year! I wish you all a wonderful year in the sign of music!

Take care!!!

/rolf pilotti

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